Tuesday, 2 February 2010

The consequences of a No vote

Posted on This is My Truth on 2 February

So it looks like there will be a referendum in either October or March.

I'm still not entirely convinced of the wisdom of this course, as previously discussed. But if it going to happen then it needs to be won. In my view perhaps one of the most misleading points made by True Wales is that voting No will have no negative consequences. That somehow we'll be able to carry on as before.

Irrespective whether you think a Yes vote will give the Assembly the tools it needs, it is certain that a No vote will be a damaging reverse in the devolution process.

We already know that Whitehall mandarins needs little excuse to sideline Welsh affairs. If there is a no vote within the next 12 months the slow and complicated system of law making will get even worse. Whitehall will feel emboldened and legitimised in frustrating the Assembly's requests.

So the status quo is not an option. Forward or back, that's the option. And lets not pretend otherwise.

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