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Is the game up?

Posted on This is My Truth on 9 March For all the noise coming from Local Authorities protesting that another re-organisation is the last thing they need, Councils seem to be playing into the hands of those who want a massive re-jig The Western Mail report this morning that: A MUCH-HERALDED project aimed at getting councils to work together has collapsed, throwing into jeopardy the Assembly Government’s strategy to avoid huge public sector job cuts. Nearly half the local authorities in the country were originally involved in discussions over the South-East Wales Shared Services Project, which was intended to save millions of pounds by getting councils to collaborate across a range of functions. But after years of meetings and reports the project has now folded with the participating authorities unable to agree on a way forward Savings of some £2 Million a year were identified by PricewaterhouseCoopers from the South-East Wales Shared Services Project. But plans to pool human resources

Local candidates

Posted on This is My Truth on March 3 The case of the Islwyn Four inevitably evokes the memory of the Blaenau Gwent fiasco. But not only is it a false parallel, it masks the reality that in the Labour Party at least the premium placed on 'local' candidates is greater than ever before. Any glance at the selections to replace retiring AMs will show that local candidates have been chosen: Mike Hedges in Swansea East and David Rees in Aberavon are recent examples. In Cardiff West and Cardiff South the constituency party has opted for people who have track records as Councillors in the area. In the Westminster selections too locals have been selected in target seats: Susan Elan Jones in Clwyd South, Ronnie Hughes in Aberconwy, Nick Smith in Blaenau Gwent are examples. There are some exceptions in the Vale of Glamorgan and Carmarthen East where they've broken the mold and gone for someone from the constituency next door. There aren't many exceptions to the 'locals onl