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We need all the talent we can get (International Women's Day speech)

Thank you for giving the honour of speaking at today’s event. It's the first time I’ve been, and it’s the first time I understand any men have been allowed in, which I think is fab. I'm chuffed to be the first man to speak to this annual event. It is not for men to stand in the front on days like today, but I do think men should stand side by side - to be allies in the fight for equality. I am the son of an inspirational woman, the husband of an inspirational woman and the father of an inspirational young girl. I am a feminist. And I am an optimist - we can bring about change. They say the past is a foreign country. And to think that in the lifetimes of many of the people in this room… Women didn’t have the same rights to finance. Didn’t have the right to equal pay. Didn’t have the right to abortion and contraception. Didn’t have the right to retain your own surname after marriage. And - right up until the 1990s - didn’t have the right not to be raped by

A Stop-the-Clock moment: Estyn's judgement on our digital shortcomings

Speech in the National Assembly on March 6th 2018 I’m proud to see the annual Estyn report highlight good practice in my constituency. The Bryngwyn \ Glanymor Comprehensive federation in Llanelli and Burry Port, the Cabinet Secretary’s old school, Ysgol Bynea, and Heol Goffa special school in Llanelli are all singled out for good practice. We have some excellent leadership and practice in Llanelli, and across Wales. But we mustn't soft soap this. Overall there are significant areas for concern in the report - and I’d like to focus in particular on digital learning. In just under two-thirds of primary schools, there are "important shortcomings in standards of ICT". This is what Estyn says: In these schools, and in ‘many secondary schools’ teachers lack knowledge and confidence. There's a lack of a clear vision about ICT from senior leaders. And pupils are not being given the chance to apply skills in relevant contexts. It goes on: Acros