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The Welsh Roads Review

Speech to the Senedd, 14th February 2023 Today we are publishing the final report of the independent roads review panel. This is a landmark report of international significance. I’d like to thank Dr Lynn Sloman and her fellow panellists. Their report is detailed, authoritative and compelling, and the Welsh Government accepts its core principles and the new approach it sets out. When we published the Wales Transport Strategy two years ago, we committed to start upon a llwybyr newydd - a new path. The publication of this Roads Review, along with the National Transport Delivery Plan, and our new Roads Policy Statement, represents a major step forward on that journey. Let me be very clear at the outset, we will still invest in roads. In fact, we are building new roads as I speak - but we are raising the bar for where new roads are the right response to transport problems. We are also investing in real alternatives. Today’s National Transport Delivery Plan sets out a five-year programme o