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I swear, its not funny

Today is Father’s Day. My son presented me with a handmade card with a lovely message, and then promptly ripped it up and threw it in my face. That’s because my son has Tourettes Syndrome. That’s right, the funny condition that makes people swear – it’s hilarious isn’t it? Perhaps the wits at Modern Toss could sit down and explain to my 9-year old how an inherited brain disorder that causes him such pain and anguish is funny? Of course, I’m a hypocrite. Before I had a child with this disability I used to make casual jokes about Tourettes, because I was ignorant of the condition. Now I know that less than 10% of people with the genetic condition have the urge to randomly swear.   And those that do, find it a very distressing, and embarrassing tic.   Other tics are far more common – blinking, touching, jumping, and screeching, amongst many others. Everyone is different and tics come and go – twirling in circles this month many be replaced by touching the