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The Robots are coming - Wales needs a plan for automation

Speech to the National Assembly for Wales on 17th January 2018 "And we will build brutal energy cut into a much better home. It’s a movement toward the beautiful legal scams and better share. And it was a gingly deal and I don’t think they’re never worth in the middle deal... to be parted to Mexico. Not the most inspiring opening to a speech, I’ll admit. But what sets this opening apart, is what sets this debate apart….It was written by a robot". A gimmick carried out by the New Yorker last year. They fed 270,000 words spoken by Donald Trump into a computer program that studies language patterns. It analyzed his word choice and grammar, and learnt how to simulate Trump's speech. It doesn't totally make sense, but then neither does Trump. Although I like the term ‘gingly deal’ I don’t think it’s yet part of popular lexicon… But I opened with it because I wanted to bring the abstract, quickly into the real. Until now automation and robotics has been l