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Speech on leak inquiry

Speech to the National Assembly on 28th February 2018 I never wanted to have a role in this story. Carl Sargeant was a valued colleague of mine and I remain deeply upset about his death. But as my name has been mentioned I believe I should give my own account. I am certain in my own mind that the text I received was gossip on the day of a reshuffle. As Andrew RT Davies acknowledged in his speech, there is often chatter around a reshuffle - that’s how I treated the text. It was not from any official source and, in fact, I didn’t treat it seriously until I saw the statement Carl himself issued later that day. I didn't pass on what I’d heard to any journalist, but told my colleagues at the first opportunity of the text message I had received. And I gave evidence to the Leak enquiry as requested. As I said I never wanted to have a role in any of this and I believe I acted properly. There have been calls for me to say who sent me the text message. And I have not done, and w