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My personal take on the EU referendum

Published in the Llanelli Herald on 10th June 2016 The claims and counterclaims of each side in the EU referendum campaign are bewildering. Leaving the European Union will cause our economy will crash. Or, leaving the European Union will free us to grow faster and produce more jobs. Which one are we to believe? Within the next three weeks we are being asked to make the biggest decision for a generation, and we’re being fed a diet of fear - by both sides. I’ll be voting to Remain in the EU because it provides hope for a better future. For me this is not a decision about short-term benefits. In fact it is a very personal decision based on the sacrifices of previous generations, and my hopes for my children’s generation. 70 years ago my grandfather leapt from planes into machine gun fire to help secure a bridge in Arnhem. I witnessed the scars this brave man bore from what he witnessed in the Netherlands, and across the deserts of North Africa, fighting for our free