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I attended the Third Commonwealth Parliamentary Association Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Disinformation: ‘Democracy in the age of deepfak es’ in Singapore on 18-20 June 2024. Here’s what I learned. Quick takes  Artificial intelligence is a tool. It has both malign and benign capabilities depending on how it’s designed and used. We can’t stop it, but we can try and shape it. Sophistication of A.I is changing rapidly and is outpacing regulation or detection technology. But awareness of the pace of change is low . Significant potential to use A.I to boost productivity and create economic growth. Jobs will be replaced by more efficient technology and new jobs and areas of activity will also be created.  Active role for Government to manage a ‘just transition’ in economy, make sure benefits are spread, people are re-skilled and regulation used to ensure fairness and ethics in how A.I is applied - BUT technology is outpacing the ability of the State to respond. Singapore taking

Working together to rebuild trust in politics

Speech in Senedd on 2nd July 2024 I think the debates we've had on this issue have been a good example of the parliamentary process in action and the consensual way that we can work across party lines in this Senedd. There is now a consensus across the Chamber that deliberate lying undermines public trust in politics and is a danger that needs to be firmly addressed.  I think the outstanding point of difference has been whether dealing with lying is best done by a standards-led process within this Parliament, or whether, in addition, a criminal sanction for the most egregious cases of deliberate deception is justified in order to rebuild trust in politics. Now, I acknowledge the view of many of my colleagues on these benches that this should not be a matter for the courts, but one for the ballot box. I think that's where, now, the focus of our arguments should be.  I was elected here in 2016, before the Brexit referendum, before Donald Trump became President, before Boris John