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The challenges for Welsh Labour

Posted on Progress online on March 1st 2012 With the UK going though a period of flux who would bet against an independent Scotland in three years time? Of course, the prospect has countless permutations but for Labour’s there’s one that stands above others: without Scottish MPs, and with the significant cut in the number of Welsh MPs we’re now seeing, Labour could struggle to govern alone at Westminster again. But as the party still strives to the performance of Labour is Wales will become even more important in showing our values, and our competence to rule. As we’ve seen in recent weeks David Cameron will seize on any opportunity to shine a light on the party in Wales to score a point in Westminster. Labour in Wales therefore has a huge responsibility to our party across the UK to show the way. And to discharge that responsibility we’ve got to get serious. If we are going to be in Government in Wales for the long-term – either in coalition or on our own – we need to take a good h