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Black balled

Posted on This is My Truth on 5 August A week and a half after the selection meeting the Western Mail finally reports this morning on David Melding's failure to be selected in the Vale of Glamorgan. Nick Bourne is quoted as saying "This year we have made changes to many of our selection procedures in a bid to broaden the appeal and support of our Assembly candidates. In the seats selected so far we have a diverse range of candidates, with considerable political, community and business experience". Indeed in Wrexham diversity has encompassed the sandal wearing community. John Marek ( ex-Forward Wales, ex-Independent, ex-Labour) was selected as the Conservative candidate in an open primary. Though not the first choice of the activists in Wrexham (for understandable reasons) he won as a result of the second preferences of members of the public who turned up at the public meeting - 26 people in total. In the Vale of Glamorgan the Conservative Association didn't fancy g

Why Iona went...

Posted on This is My Truth on 2 August While we await an explanation from the S4C Authority for the abrupt resignation of their Chief Executive (and I'm not holding my breath) we'll have to settle for speculation. The word on the Eisteddfod Maes today was that the Iona Jones was faced with a demand from her board she could not accept. It is said that Authority members Sir Roger Jones (former WDA Chair), and Sir Winston Roddick (former Assembly Counsel General) met the S4C Chief Executive and demanded the Authority be given a greater role in the day to day running of the channel. It is thought Iona Jones told them how to re-tune their set top box. Let me make myself clear, I am not making any attempt to defend the way S4C is being managed. But one look at the membership of the S4C Authority convinces me that if any board can 'ditch due seperation' and involve itself directly in the running of a television channel, then this is not the board to do it. What's more