Saturday, 12 December 2009

Show offs

Posted on This is My Truth on 8 December

There is no shortage of assessments of Rhodri Morgan today, so I'll leave the political obits to others.

But I was struck by Rhodri's assessment of Ryan Giggs in naming him the BBC Sports Personality of the Year last night: "I think it's incredibly wonderful to be an incredibly good player and not a show-off".

In its editorial this morning the Western Mail concluded of Rhodri "Wales is in his blood". I think that's right, and his assement of Giggs is therefore especially insightful.

I'm wary of ascribing traits to nations. I always stuggle with the question 'what makes the Welsh different' and take care not to fall back on trite romanticiation. But I think Rhodri has hit on something here.

We admire talent, application and learning, but we don't like a show-off.

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