Saturday, 2 January 2010


Posted on This is My Truth on January 2 2010

I normally try to avoid them, as they are invariably wrong. a man a mwnci

Gordon Brown will lead Labour into the General Election
There will not be a hung Parliament
There will be a big turnover in Welsh MPs, and tension will increase between Westminster and Cardiff Bay
The One Wales Coalition will wobble in the face of severe public spending cuts but the commitment to hold a referendum will see it through. But this time next year options will be reviewed.
There will be a referendum on further devolution in October 2010 and there will be a clear Yes vote, but less than half the electorate will vote
All the Welsh Party leaders will still be in place this time next year
Obama will fail to get a meaningful commitment to combating climate change through Congress
Tony Blair's long term reputation will be severely dented by the Chilcott inquiry
The Conservatives will wish Mohammed Asghar had stayed in Plaid
This blog will still be going at the end of 2010

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