Saturday, 7 November 2009

A more optimistic vision ?

Posted on This is My Truth on 7 November

There will be people who think that this is the wrong time to be discussing a referendum, Rhodri Morgan told an audience in Aberystwyth last night. But there will be others who will have “a more optimistic vision”, the First Minister said in a lecture to the Welsh Political Archive.

What could that mean?

I understand he was given the option of the All Wales Convention report being delayed until his successor was in place, but insisted on it landing on his desk.

Those with long memoeries wil recall that Rhodri Morgan initally gerated the publication of the Richard Commission report in 2004 as a “red letter day” for Wales, only to recoil from its main recommendations days later in the face of a backlash from Welsh MPs.

Perhaps this time, as a last hurrah, Rhodri will want to leave ”a more optimistic” legacy?

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