Monday, 24 August 2009

Barter anyone?

Posted on This is My Truth on August 24th

It's hard to know, isn't it?

Are these the rantings of a fringe group, or prescient warnings?

Is our current slump one of capitalism's regular crises or the harbinger of a collapse in our economy and society caused by over consumption?

There is a compelling logic to the analysis of Peak Oil. Finite resources will inevitably run out and an economic system based on the assumption that this will not happen is clearly flawed.

No mainstream politician will face up to this, because people do not want to hear it.

So how should we respond? Inevitably many will seek a technological solution which enables us to carry on living as we are - irrespective of the harmful environmental consequences. Others see the trend as an opportunity for positive change. Both seek to impose their worldview under the cloak of responding to a crisis.

Sadly I am as deskilled as the rest of my generation. I can't hunt, cook, garden or come to mention it sew. It is a grim prospect.

But we should at least face up to it. If is it possible to avoid it then it will only happen if we confront the possibility, If even only following the precautionary principle we should surely do something?

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