Friday, 10 July 2009

The price of a free press?

Posted on This is My Truth on July 10th

What if the hacking of mobiles phones and personal information had resulted in a serious abuse of power being uncovered?

As it happens the rather unsurpising revelation that tabloid newspapers pay private investigators to blag personal data and hack into voicemail accounts relates chiefly to celebrity gossip.

But what if these same methods were used to reveal major corruption or a serious crime, would they be justified then?

The test of freedom is not when it is used in pursuit of ends you approve of, but when it used to do something you deeply object to.

I find the amorality of tabloid journalsim repugnant. The hypocricy of journalists turning a blind eye to the theft of personal information and then moralising about the private behaviour of their targets in print turn my stomach.

But would I feel differently if these same methods were used in the pursuit of a higher purpose?

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