Saturday, 27 June 2009

Dai bananas?

Posted on Bevan Blog on 27 June 2009

The de-contamination strategy continues. David Cameron says the Conservatives were 'wrong' on Scottish devolution.

Mr Cameron says that the Major Government:

should have spent more time in government thinking, how do we give legitimate help to those people within our United Kingdom who want to have a greater expression of self-government?

It is worth noting that he doesn't necessarily think that a democratic answer was the correct one. Finding "a greater expression of self-government" could easily have meant a symbolic solution.

Looking ahead, the man who is on course to be our Prime Minister said he would respect the right of the Scottish Parliament to rule on domestic matters in Scotland if he became Prime Minister.

Why then do David Jones and Cheryl Gillian (the Welsh Tory frontbench) want to veto a request from the National Assembly for a referendum on further powers?

We don't yet know Mr Cameron's view on that. Until we do the rest is just mood music.

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