Wednesday, 31 December 2008

A big turkey

Posted on the Bevan Foundation blog on 31 January 2008

Just a few weeks left then before he potters off to Texas to build his library.

Amazingly it turns out he likes books. His former adviser Karl Rove says President Bush has read 95 books in the last three years. Just goes to show that knowledge and understanding are enirely different concepts.

The former Yale history graduate will be keen to shape the way he's portrayed in the annals of time. Typically when a leader steps down it is said that history will treat them kinder than their contemporaries. And with approval ratings of minus 45 you'd think that it would be said of President Bush.

But not so. A fascinating, and disturbing, oral history in the latest edition of Vanity Fair gives the candid accounts of some of the key players in his administration.

Taken together they form a damming indictment of the the 43rd President of the United States from the mouths of his own allies.

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